How To Start A Roofing Insurance Claim

How To Start A Roofing Insurance Claim

When circumstances arise that necessitate a new roof, hopefully your home insurance company foots the bill. You would think that this is always the case and that your provider will treat your case fairly. However, it’s better to be smart than sorry. You could end up in a bind or in a favorable position by following the process we will share with you in this blog. Filing a claim requires that you understand a few important steps and that you know who you can ask for help in the process. 

Filing claims can be complicated, and you can be waiting a long time for a settlement if done incorrectly. The following are steps the Target Roofing Team can take care of when you’re ready to file insurance on your roof. 

When filing a claim there are few things a homeowner should consider. In this blog we will go over a few of them.


A properly installed architectural asphalt shingle should last you at least 17-25 years. In most cases your metal roofing or shingle roof materials will match what their life expectancy is. However, a severe storm can change that overnight. 

If you think you have been affected by a storm, wind, or hail damage to your roof, it’s important that you have your roof inspected by a trusted company.  Trusted is the key word here.  If the company’s only advice is “file a claim and we can change the roof for the amount they give you” this is not the one.  The company should show you the damage and give you a real report of what they found.  They should also want to help you through the process and be on your side throughout the claim.  Only then should you file an insurance claim and assess the damage and get your roof repaired. 

First you need a trusted professional to get up on your roof and figure out how bad the damage is. The contractor should come out and give you a detailed report of everything that is wrong with your roof, and what needs to be done.  “Just file a claim and I’ll do the work for that amount” is not a person you want to work with. 


This is the commonly asked question from homeowners when looking at damage done to a property. If you have property damage (leaks, shingles in the yard, or any siding damaged) then yes it is probably a good idea.  If you are not sure you should consider contacting a contractor at Target Roofing to evaluate/document the damage. 

Once a qualified contractor has inspected the property for damage we will give you our opinion on if the damage done is enough for full replacement of your roof and other repairs through insurance.

  •  Find out what your insurance covers.

Not all claims and not all carriers are the same.  What does that mean?  Just because your neighbor got a new roof doesn’t mean you should or will.  The insurance will cover the full replacement for all repairs in most cases if they can find legitimate damage. The only portion you will have to pay is your deductible.

  • Will the insurance give me a cost for repairs?

Insurance will always estimate the price for the repairs themselves. This is a template and an admittance of damage.  In some cases they will ask for the contractor to estimate the cost. If there is a dispute in cost, the contractor should speak with the adjuster to get it resolved

  • Once the costs for repairs are established, what is next?

You will be put on the schedule for the repairs to be made. We take photos and document the entire process, so if any other unknown repairs need to be made, we can send them to the insurance carrier.

  • What happens after the roof is repaired?

We will send the insurance an invoice for the repairs/replacement.

Insurance mostly pays in two parts, ACV (first check issued plus deductible) & the depreciation ( the amount withheld until the repairs are made) In order for the depreciation to be released we will need to send a copy of the ACV payment with the first check. Once all payments are released the claim is finished.


  1. If I don’t tell my contractor its an insurance claim, I will get a better deal.  

FALSE.  We will be honest and upfront with you and would expect the same from our customers.  This tactic would likely fall under insurance fraud as well. 

  1. My insurance agent is my friend and he is going to help me out.  

MAYBE.  Most agents know very little about the claim process and the claims department is completely separate from the sales office for a reason.  

  1. I need to get bids.  

FALSE.  You should be doing interviews.  The bids game is a trick your insurance company is using to see if you will save them money.  They know it’s human nature to think cheaper is better.  Remember “Roof Tab” is on them, don’t order by the glass, buy the whole damn bottle. 

  1. Don’t show your contractor the paperwork from the insurance company. 

FALSE.  Trust is the key word here.  If you have a good contractor you trust you will want to show him and make sure your settlement is correct.  Target Roofing will provide their own detailed damage cost report to compare to yours.  After doing this you will know if you were paid correctly in today’s market for the damage that was found. 

  1. Cheaper bids are better for me.  

FALSE.  Think of it as the value of a new car.  If you paid $80,000 for it last week and it was totaled this week, would you be ok with them giving you $30,000 to go get another car?  This is what so many homeowners are tricked into doing on property claims.  

  1. I don’t want any help.  I used to be in construction. I’m going to do this on my own.  

STUPID.  The insurance game is not as simple as it used to be.  It is changing constantly and it’s not just fixing your property anymore.  You have to have a contractor that is an asset to you.  An Insurance Claim is as 80% getting the correct scope and estimate approved and 20% actually repairing the damage. Your insurance company doesn’t want you to have a team.  Good help on your side will make them pay.   

  1. My insurance company is trying to screw me

FALSE.  Many of the companies pay for roofs when the damage is marginal and take really good care of their customers.  Even some of the “Bad Companies” as we like to call them will surprise us and do a good job from time to time.  If contractors and homeowners were all on the same page then bad insurance companies would vanish.  When they can pit us against each other they are the only winners.  We want to be on your team!