Hail Damage

Your residential or commercial roof can be severely compromised by an icy barrage of hail pellets. Frozen precipitation can rain down destruction on homes and other buildings in the wake of our wild wild Texas weather. Hail can cause serious damage to roofs, including tearing shingles, pitting of roofing materials and even ripping holes through the roof. Hail can cause tearing in lower layers of roofs in what’s known as underlayment bruising, resulting in water leaking into a building as the opening gets larger. This is not a problem you want to let go.

Damage from hail may not always be obvious to spot, but our roofing technicians are trained to identify hard-to-see damage to shingles, tiles, underlayment and other roofing materials. Hail can cause pitting, make depressions and cause roofing materials like shingles to lose the top layer of granules. Hail can even cause damage to underlying layers, including asphalt, fiberglass and the sealant. Again, trust the professionals at Target Roofing to inspect your roof for hail damage.