Important To Consider Before Buying A Home in 2021

What are your top priorities when it comes to buying a home? The real estate market this year is strong and even though the interest rates are low, it is a seller’s market. Most of today’s home buyers are looking for a good deal – you may be looking for something to remodel, restore, or “fix up’. Here is one important element to inspect before buying a hoem. It may save you money and time to take the quality of the roof into account when investing in a new property.  

Summer storm damage and resulting costs of an old roof could be an expensive, troublesome issue to run into. Roofing materials like metal, shingles, slate, and tile also have different costs, risks, and lifespans. There are several important qualities to inspect before you buy or sell a home, to ensure a safe roof. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert to know when a home needs roof maintenance or repairs. Below are 4 tips to find out whether that roof needs some TLC or if this is the deal you’ve been searching for on HAR. 


A smart home owner knows the basics of roofing and how to identify if their roof is in good condition. They know that it is an expensive thing to replace without insurance. With basic knowledge of what to look for and what questions to ask about the home’s roof, you can avoid later complications and surprises that could show up long after the sale or purchase. 

Here is some easy to read information on roofing and materials to look through so you know what about the roof to inspect before you buy a home. 


The first step when it comes to evaluating a roof is to simply step back and make a good visual inspection. There are many signs you can see right away without having to actually get up on the roof, for example : 

  • Cracked caulk and rust spots on flashing 
  • Shingles that are bulking, curling, or blistering 
  • Missing or broken shingles 
  • Cracked and worn rubber around vent pipes 
  • Missing cap or damage around the chimney 
  • Algae, which could signal the roof is decaying underneath 


A leaking roof is a more obvious sign that the roof needs immediate repair. Leaks can start small and become a huge problem overtime, so never leave them unattended. A professional roofing contractor will need to come in to repair most problems with leaks, as they generally go beyond what the average homeowner is able to do. Professionals can examine the leak and determine the extent of the problem. 

If you are the home seller, you may not be aware of a leak and it could come to light during a home inspection. If you are the buyer, ask the home inspector to ensure that you don’t inherit any existing problems with leaks that could end causing greater damage down the road after purchasing your new home. 


Whether selling or buying, all homeowners should be informed about the basic types of roofs available and what type is installed on their home. Residential roofs can be made of asphalt, ceramic tiles, slate, wood, and metal. Asphalt shingle is the most common and generally least expensive roofing option found in 80% of homes. Find out which type you are dealing with so you understand its particular qualities, risk, and benefits before making a big purchase. A roofing contractor can also help with this.